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Cubinator – Final project by Marta Colpani and Sarah Moore

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Virtualization of our daily tasks, as well as of communication processes, social activity, production, economics, and media consumption probably have more impact on our temporal and spatial awareness and sensorial processes than we tend to believe. This project attempts to focus more on our altered perception of space and time, as a consequence of our frequent use of new (digital) media. Expanding on Munster’s book (2006), in particular on her chapter on digitality, where she discuss the idea of a global digital time and refers to the 24 hours economy, we would like to discuss multiple layers of our distorted perception of time and space, which are produced by our frequent use of digital media.We want to argue that this new distorted perception of the space and time of production, and relative changes in our idea of location, presence and distance, alienate us from the physical space and time in various ways, some more subtle than others. First of all, we are barely aware of the technical infrastructure that is needed to support our daily virtual activities and the costs of its maintenance (in money, energy power, physical space for servers, employment in developing countries). We tend then to lose sight on the impact that our virtual activities have on economics and on the environment.

Final course project by Marta Colpani and Sarah Moore.  See the project site:

Written by Edward Shanken

13, June, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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  1. “We want to argue that this new distorted perception of the space and time of production, and relative changes in our idea of location, presence and distance, alienate us from the physical space and time in various ways, some more subtle than others.”

    Hi, Edward, Marta and Sarah,

    You might like to consider that dealing with, and furthering the alienation, is the future norm. To not think so, has one not imagining that life/humanity/existence is a dynamic evolution with free thinking/enlightened consciousness, its and ITs Driver.

    A Future Alienated Norm in a lead which can be automatically unconsciously followed, with that lead being a sublime mind control through the presentation of edutainment, digitally mastered content which is the binary manipulation of information for greater intelligence, with Man the Primitive Animal being educated to realise that their existence is governed, and has always been governed by the Selfless Sharing of Imagination to Produce Action and Promotions/HyperRadioProActive Memes, is the Present Reality, is it not? And is a World built on Ideas, Real or Virtually Real and is Nothing Impossible for Life is Created in DreamScape Mode? Indeed, is not the current edutainment movie, Inception, not actively exploring the Genre/Meme? :-) ….. ergo is all of the above, true.

    My world is completely different from your worlds, which will in their turn be completely different from anyone else’s worlds, as will be theirs from everyone else’s, by simple virtue of the facts and experiences in their heads/memories/databanks/metadatastores, ergo are we all living in unique worlds of our own, in a beautiful and/or horrific chaotic organisational madness, with it being either towards the good or the bad ends of the scale, dependent upon the degree of harm and destruction that one would witness or suffer or action and be party to.

    Quite why we tolerate Future Planetary Development being built in the Present with an Enslaving Linkage to the Past by a Bankrupt Status Quo, rather than Creating a Place in that Future Space which reflects Life’s Young Dreams and Aspirations, is a Current Systemic Failing, which is easiest addressed in AI and Quantum Communications circles and Networks InterNetworking JOINT Applications. [Joined up Intelligence in Objective Java Cross Site Scripting]

    Indeed, Presently may it be the only Civil CyberSpace Program addressing the Failing, but of course, that can very easily and very quickly change to a wealth of similar linking and networking projects with the Simple Further Selfless Sharing of ITs Alienation.

    Prettige Dag Nog

    amfM ….

    Oh, and I fully accept your alienation argument as being perfectly valid and a viable precursor for greater things, as yet widely unknown but yet to come, as they are already pipe-lined/stove piped/ready for delivery/discovery/recovery.


    31, August, 2010 at 5:53 am

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